Bathmasters is a Full Service Bathroom Renovation and Repair Company Since 1993

Serving homeowners in Kingsport, Johnson City, Kingsport and the Tri-Cities region of Northeast Tennessee

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Bathmasters has over 26 years of experienced designing, constructing and delivering gorgeous new bathroom remodels in Northeast, Tennessee.

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It’s the centerpiece of the bathroom and one of the most distinctive features that add value to your home. From walk-in showers, rain showers and luxurious bathtubs, we create it all.
Our craftsmanship is focused on detail. From premium cabinetry to custom woodworking projects, there’s no limit to the ideas and constructions projects we can craft for you.
Bathmaster’s plumbers are the best in the business. With over 40 years experienced our team is affordable, dependable and take pride in their work to do it right the first time.

Who is Bath-Masters and what questions can we answer for you?

Bath-Masters is the bathroom specialist from Mr. Fix It Home Improvements. Locally and owned since 1993, our company has been the experts in custom bathroom remodeling problems since we started our business. We are located in Kingsport, TN and have a team of contractors licensed in the State of Tennessee.

BathMasters is happy to arrange a time to come by and see your project. There’s no cost for the visit and the quote. Please call us at 1-423-239-7236 or complete the form on our website.

Yes, BathMasters is a licensed and insured contractor in the State of Tennessee.

When choosing a contractor, you should look for someone you can trust. Consider past performance and check references too. Previous customers are a valuable resource when invite a new contractor to come into your home.

You’ll want to choose a contractor who does their work too. At BathMasters, 90% of all the work we do is performed by our team. We only reach out to other resources if certification is required for the project.

Yes. Please visit our Testimonial section on our website and our Job Portfolio. We’re happy to provide you contact names and numbers to ask about the work we do at Bathmasters.

Why choose Bath-Masters?

There are many good reasons to choose Bath-Masters to help you with your bathroom remodeling project. Here are some considerations that separate us from the competition.


Innovative bathroom remodeling and plumbing for 27 years.

Free Project Estimates

Call BathMasters today to discuss your new project at no charge.

Quality Craftmanship

With attention to the details, we take pride in the quality of our material and our work.


BathMasters holds the highest courtesy and professional standards for our workers.

Honest & Dependable

We employ the most trusted employees valued by hundreds of local homeowners.

Highly Rated

Hundreds of positive reviews on Angie’s List, Google and Facebook.

Competitive Rates

We provide competitive rates focused on transparent quality outcomes.

Bonded and Licensed

A professional contractor bonded, and licensed by the State of Tennessee.

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We enjoy meeting homeowners and hearing about their dreams and goals. When you contact BathMasters either by phone or our quote forms, you’ll receive a callback, and we’ll plan a visit to your home. From there, we’ll discuss the project and provide you with a quick estimate to further explore the work to exceed your expectations.

Projects completed on time and budget with a high level of customer satisfaction.
Working Hours with enthusiasm and passion for delivering outstanding service.
Satisfied Clients from all around the Tri-Cities are enjoying improvements by BathMasters.

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